The irresistible gastronomy in the Costa Brava


Gastronomy in the Costa Brava and Palamós leave both tourists and locals speechless, with special mention to its cuisine, where the high level of quality of the products and restaurants in the area, have maintained an interesting balance between tradition and innovation.

As a fishing town, with a port that has a commercial, fishing, tourist and cultural dimension, the Lonja de Palamósboasts its native products that go from the sea to the table, like the famous prawn, the grouper, the crayfish, the lobsters, the seabass, the gilthead bream, the monkfish, the rom and the lluerna. And also of the blue fish, especially the sardines and the anchovies with salt.

How and where to discover the gastronomy in the Costa Brava?

In this town different days and gastronomic fairs are organized, where they serve the most interesting culinary proposals with fish and seafood as protagonists, as well as as well as pedagogical days, contests and kitchen workshops for all kinds of public, in order to give known about the iconic cuisine of this place. In these workshops the attendees have the opportunity to cook with fish and other local ingredients and then taste what they have prepared.

An ideal way to discover the culinary richness of the area is by testing the different options that are promoted in these days, which promote gastronomic tourism by offering a high quality menu that is based on the star product according to the season. From here we can highlight:

  • The Palamós PrawnThe restaurants of the area serve this crustacean of beautiful reddish color, juicy, of exquisite texture and flavor and that besides, it is fished exclusively in the zone. The fishing of the prawn is also a tourist activity in Palamós, where the tourist becomes partner of fishing of the crew in a day of hard work, that requires people who want to enjoy a challenging and different adventure. In addition, visitors can make visits to the Lonja de Palamós, where it is possible to see fish and crustaceans fish during the night.


  • Suquet de Peix. They also prepare this winter seafood dish that combines various types of fish from the Catalan coastline, with vegetables, crumbled bread or noodles that give this dish a unique fish stew.

suquet de peix pescado de la lonja de palamós

  • L’Escamarlà. Also called the Norway Lobster, the restaurants of Palamós serve a Mediterranean menu with this ingredient of unmistakable tweezers, star product of the market of La Lonja de Palamós and of an incomparable flavor, along with dishes that blend to perfection other products of the sea and the mountain. This lobster lives buried in the muddy bottoms of the underwater platform, which is why its fishing requires a skill that only few fishermen dominate, making it an exclusive product.

Gastronomy in the Costa Brava, a quality organic food

The pantry of the Empordà is not only full of products from the sea, but also from the mountain. Fresh and ecological vegetables and fruits, collected by expert hands in the orchards and fields of this region and accessible to their purchase in restaurants and in the markets of the town. Many of these products are of artisanal production, although they guarantee their conservation and good conditions to be consumed, an offer that is complemented with wine tastings and varied glasses.

Gastronomía en la Costa Brava

Only in the province of Girona there are 15 restaurants with 19 Michelin stars, which guarantees a unique gastronomic experience where you can taste dishes of tuna, gilthead bream, monkfish, Lluerna, rock fish, salt anchovies, pickled sardines, suquet de Fish, paella and the typical “Rossejat”, cooked by the best chefs in the area.

Gastronomía en la Costa Brava

In addition, the rest of the more than 70 restaurants in the area have an extensive and diverse cuisine for all tastes and all budgets: with fresh products from the sea and the mountains, tapas or ‘a la carte’ recipes from the Catalan, Mediterranean culinary or the genuine cuisine of the fishermen.

productos ecológicos cultivados en la costa brava

For all these reasons that we have enumerated, to know this fantastic and internationally known population, do not hesitate and come to visit Palamós. In addition, you can stay in our apartments and if you look with enough energy, choose activities To be able to know Palamós in a different way. From the coast with activities of Kayak, paddle surf and scuba diving, or more relaxed making gastronomy in the Costa Brava visiting The Celler Brugarol.

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