The beach of La Fosca In Palamós

The Sant Esteve de La Fosca Beach It is located in a bay with the same name quite close to the tourist town of Palamós , just behind Cap Gros, which is known as a landmark in the Costa Brava.

Natural beauty of the beach of La Fosca In Palamós

This Playa de Palamós It is located sufficiently far from the urban center, which makes it very special and, especially in high season during the summer months, is very attracted by innumerable swimmers and swimmers who appreciate the super clear and shallow waters of the Beach.

Beach features of La Fosca

It is a quite long beach, approximately 500 meters and about 40 wide ideal for families with children thanks to the shallow waters that commented and a fine sand background.

It has many facilities that make, when deciding on a beach or another, the winner is the Playa de La Fosca de Palamós: We will find several showers where you can remove the salt, different public baths and many parking areas near the beach. It also has good access for the handicapped.

Marine Flora of the beach of La Fosca Of Palamós

During the summer months, there are a number of favorable conditions for the proliferation of many planktonic organisms such as Alexandrium taylori seaweed, typical of the Mediterranean Sea of UNS greenish and brown colors.

This phenomenon is completely natural and does not affect in any way the possibility of bathing with full security in this wonderful beach of always calm and shallow waters.

Marine Fauna of La Fosca , Playa de Palamós

One of the most common marine animals in the Mediterranean is the Diplodus Sargus Sargus, known as common bream or Sard In Catalan.

It has a compressed body, oval and very high, being able to measure up to 30 cm with 3 grey fins with black border. In general, of silvery colors with black spots and with 2 types of incisor teeth, hence the name of Diplodus, which means double tooth.

We locate them easily between 1 and 20 meters deep in sandy and rocky areas with algae, is usually a precious fish widely used in sport fishing.

La Fosca In Palamós : Ideal Holiday destination

If you are looking for a place full of nature, full of beaches, fine sand, crystal clear water and plenty of activities and comforts at your fingertips, don’t hesitate and get close to Palamós Where one of its beaches, La Fosca , I’m sure you’ll fall in love!

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