Accommodation and wine tourism in the Celler Brugarol

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Wine and gastronomy have always been rooted in Catalonia, so we have chosen the Wine tourism experience in the Celler Brugarol As a star activity to perform. This is the main reason why we propose you to complement your stay in La Fosca with this activity, a magnificent visit to this Bodega located in Palamós, that has been built hidden underground under the vineyard by the renowned RCR architects.

If you still don't know what wine tourism is, we tell you that it is a science that has emerged to study and enjoy the harmony between food and wine, through the succession of dishes and wines in crescendo, that is to say, from the softest to the strongest, an exercise that will stimulate all your senses with variations of colors, textures and flavors.

This form of tourism is earning more and more followers, because in addition to tasting wines and eating local products of a place, it allows people "to escape" in couples or groups of friends, family or co-workers.

What do we offer you?

  • Organic wines. In the place that we propose you to visit, the Celler Brugarol winery, this activity is carried out under the direction of the winemaker Josep Trallero, who in turn directs the production of fully ecological wines that have won several awards and distinctions for their quality, their craftsmanship and their lack of additives. Wines that will certainly surprise you, whatever your favorite taste is: black, sparkling, red, white or rosé.
  • Tastings with culture. The winery offers guided tastings of these wines, as well as business meetings and activities related to art, landscape and social integration, an opportunity to learn and enjoy a different and cultural experience.
  • Architecture in harmony with nature. Celler Brugarol is located in a land of native and precious wine cultivation, hidden under the vineyard. These underground chambers will take you into the enigmas of the winery, where you can learn about the aging of the wine and, in turn, observe the play of lights and shadows the architecture of RCR generates, who made a work that surprises by its perfect synchrony with nature, making a maze of shadows and lights composed of dark isolated underground corridors, equipped with a controlled air conditioning where the smell of wine is the main protagonist.
  • Local dishes. In addition, you will have the option of staying to eat in the farm where the winery is located, the Finca Bell-Lloc, where you will be able to enjoy different dishes of their own production, with various options from their gardens and farms. This place has outdoor spaces to hold banquets, group meals and other celebrations.
  • Catalan, Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine. This Finca Empordà takes advantage of technological advances to provide quality, without detracting essence and authenticity from food and wine. They are producers of fresh products, having their own garden and corral, where they have chickens, sheep, goats and Iberian pigs that feed mainly of acorn. Fresh fish from the port of Palamós is another of its flagship products.
  • Organic food. Their excellent food and wine combines the warmth of home and the luxury of the exclusive. They will offer you the satisfaction of eating well with foods that are produced less than 5 km from the beach, under the criteria of organic farming, environmentally friendly, free of chemical treatments and genetically modified organisms.

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What is included?

A tasting of red wines, whites and totally ecological pink, under the direction of the winemaker Josep Trallero. In addition, you have the option of staying to eat at the Bell-Lloc property, where you will be able to enjoy different local dishes made with fresh food from their own garden and corral, in an outdoor space where you can eat and at the same time, be in contact with nature.


What should you bring?

It is essential to wear comfortable and ideal clothes to take a walk. We also recommend you to dress with dark colored clothes, as a good way to hide stains in case you drop some liquid on yourself. In addition, if you want to keep track of what you like, we invite you to bring a pencil and paper to take notes. You can also bring your camera or mobile to photograph everything you like about the experience. In the same way, we remind you that smells are an essential part of a tasting, so we recommend you not to use a strong perfume on the day of the activity, so that you can correctly appreciate the aromas of wine and the environment.


To whom is this activity for?

This is a very special activity for wine lovers, as it represents a leisurely and suitable experience for all audiences, where in addition to taste and combine food and wine, you can learn from the history, culture and geography of the region where food and wine are cultivated, in this case, Palamós. If during your holidays you want to rest in a quiet space, to enjoy and at the same time to learn of wines in the same place where they are produced, this is the most suitable activity for you.


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