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If you want to be surprised, to know and to explore, the diving in Palamós is the most suitable activity for you. Breathe underwater and discover the treasures that hide the underwater depth of Palamós and the Costa Brava, are two insurmountable reasons that we offer you to spend a wonderful holiday in this region.

 It is an activity that you can practice for different purposes: recreational, sporting or professional. In all of them, you will always live a unique experience, because scuba diving allows you to experience various sensations and explore areas that would otherwise not be within your reach.

If you choose to Scuba Diving in Palamós during your stay, you will enjoy all the underwater life that this coast has to offer for you to see: starfish, octopus, moray eels, variety of fish of different sizes and colors and sometimes, even seahorses, await you in the depths.

What benefits do you get?

  • It's an excellent exercise for your respiratory and cardiovascular system. The golden rule of diving is to know how to breathe slowly and deeply, because one of the keys to develop this activity in a positive way is learning to control the breathing so as not to waste the oxygen. This exercise improves lung capacity and benefits the cardiovascular system.
  • It provides relaxation and tranquility. Many experts say that water is therapeutic by activating positive emotions in our mind that leave us with a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. What can be more relaxing and enjoyable than swimming with multicolored fish? Immerse yourself in the underwater life of Palamós will make you relax the senses and free yourself from the tensions of everyday life.
  • Improves confidence. Learning to perform this activity will consist of going slowly overcoming, and as you begin to move fluently in the water, you will feel how your confidence grows. By this we tell you that the benefits of diving for your health, go beyond the strictly physical, they are global for your body and mind.

What do we offer you?

  • Starting in the scuba diving world. We strongly recommend baptisms, because if you are a beginner, with this modality you will take your first steps in the world of diving, discover and enjoy a fascinating experience. Yo will also learn the basic knowledge of scuba diving, to use the material and communicate underwater through signs and gestures, knowledge that will help you feel comfortable and enjoy the adventure.  Then we will teach you to equip yourself and descend in the water doing simple exercises to gain security underwater and then you will be ready to enjoy the magic of Scuba Diving in Palamós, with the help of an instructor who will be there at all times to ensure your comfort and well-being.
  • Small groups. In order to adapt ourselves to the levels and needs of each of the participants, we will teach them to take care of the marine environment and the fauna that inhabit it, especially in Palamós and La Costa Brava.
  • Versatile activities. We have prepared trips to caves and in different depths with experienced local instructors. Even, we also have night dives availables, another experience you're going to have to tell your friends. 
  • Diverse locations. We enjoy several places available ideal for this exciting activity, although we always recommend The cove of La Fosca, because its marine life and water quality will not cease to surprise you, besides being ideal for beginners who can enter To the sea from the shore, by the softness of its background and very progressive entrance.

What is included?

The baptism includes all the material you will need to immerse yourself, plus insurance and guaranteeing a unique and personalized experience. Our guides will pay special attention to your wellbeing and safety and provide you with all the necessary tools to carry out the immersion in a comfortable way.

What should you bring?

You must bring your swimsuit, your favorite hydrating drink and sunscreen. You must also fill out the Medical Declaration Form. All those over 45 years old, as well as people with diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, cardiac, pulmonary or blood circulation of the ears and sinuses problems, will need to present medical evidence as they can perform the activity.


To whom is this activity for?

To over 10 years regardless of their level of experience or preparation. We remind you that the tranquility and the cooperative are important tools at the moment of doing this activity, because they are fundamental to gain confidence in the completion of all exercises and make all our movements more leisurely. It is important that you feel safe in the water, so you can participate individually, with your couple or with your group of friends or relatives.

How to Book

To sign up for this experience complete the following form with your full name, phone, email, the date of your holiday and the activity you want to book. We will contact you soon and help you plan your experience at Palamós. If you have more doubts about the activity and the diving in La Fosca in general, visit the web of our friends of Fosca Divers.

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