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Like the Kayak, the SUP, better known as Paddle Surf is a water sport that has become fashionable in the latest years in the Costa Brava, although if we go a bit through history, this activity goes back to the decade of the 60's, as an important means of transport to move between the islands in the Polynesian native civilizations (Hawaii).

For those who still do not know it,it is a matter of doing a walk on a board larger than tradicional surfboards, helping us with a paddle. A really complete and challenging exercise when it comes to maintaining balance and exercising muscles.

By staying with us and choosing this package, you can practice it with professional instructors who will supervise you at all times, watching over your safety and the one of your companions.

What benefits do you get?

  • You will develop your balance while toning up your muscles. When you have to develop various movements to keep you standing on a changing environment such as water, you will perform an important work of toning in your muscles of the trunk, legs and buttocks. A really positive experience, because by strengthening your muscles, you can avoid problems in the knees, back and ankles.

  • You will relieve stress and have fun. The Paddle Surf in the Costa Brava is very popular for being a sport where besides exercising you can have fun and spend moments of leisure with your couple, friends or family, outdoors and in several natural environments, that will make you relax and reduce levels of anxiety.

  • It will help you in the rehabilitation of injuries. By not having the condition of demanding an established physical form at its most basic levels or being a high impact activity, this water sport can become an ally when choosing an activity that will help you recover from a physical injury.

What do we offer you?

Excursions to your needs. Here we organize Sup in La Costa Brava, setting up the tour that suits your needs. You can also organize Team Buildingactivities with your co-workers making team games and other activities.

We also put at your disposal:

  • Introductory lessons to the paddle Surf or Sup. If you have never practiced this sport we recommend the introductory classes, where we will introduce you to the technique of rowing and everything you need to know in order to live a rewarding experience practicing Sup in La Costa Brava. We will give you tricks so that you learn to maintain balance, we will teach you the correct position of the body on the board and throughout the exercise and we will practice a lot.
  • Improvement classes. For those who already know how to stand and move on the sea, we offer individualized or group classes where we focus on improving the technique in the different modalities of Paddle surf:
    • Waves: Where the main rules is to stand and move forward without rowing, as in traditional surfing. 
    • Race: As its name implies, it consists of making a race from an exit, crossing a road to a turning point and then returning to the finish line.
    • Crossing: One of the most challenging modalities for requiring a lot of capacity, endurance and physical and mental effort of competitors, who must make a career of several kilometers. Some important competitions in the world tend to reach 50 kilometers.
  • Paddle Surf + Yoga. You will not need to be an expert in either of the two disciplines, because we will teach you from the most basic to the most difficult positions. This form of training allows you to take advantage of and learn the best of two ancestral activities that provide peace, mind control, stability and stretching. These classes are developed in Spanish, English and Russian.
  • BigSup. With budgets to your needs and guaranteed fun for your holidays, we offer our XXL Paddle surf boards, which have capacity for 8 or 10 people and are available for your birthday celebrations, bachelor parties or business activities.

What is included?

  • Insurance
  • Guide
  • Paddle
  • Safety leash and vest
  • You will also have photographic service to take a souvenir of the experience

What should you bring?

You only have to bring your swimsuit, your favorite hydrating drink, sunscreen and your desire to have a great time. We recommend you to be very patient, because if you are a beginner we will start in quieter waters until you fully control the technique and the equipment that will serve you for the performance of the activity. In this way, you will control the balance much better and avoid falling into the water.

To whom is this activity for?

To people of all ages who want to know the most interesting corners, caves and cliffs performing Paddle Surfing in Palamós and around the coast. This is a safe and ideal activity to enjoy with your family or in groups of friends, which does not require any previous experience, nor requires a great state of physical form, so it can be practiced by adults and by the smallest of the house, a positive opportunity for them to know a new place, practice an aerobic sport and teach them respect towards nature.

How to Book

You can call us, send an email or complete the following form with your personal information and we will help you to plan the excursion that best suits your needs during your holidays in Palamós and in the Costa Brava70. It is also important to mention that this activity is usually done in the same beach of La Fosca due to its proximity to our accommodations, but other locations are also available, depending on your favorite areas. Do not hesitate to consult us!

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