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Enjoy this incredible plan of Accommodation and Kayak in Palamós. The Catalan coastline is ideal for practicing any type of nautical activity, one of them is the Kayak of voyage, that either in the sea, in a river or theO, it is a sport that brings fun, action and different sensations to anyone who is encouraged to practice it, because more than being a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon, walking in Kayak provides abundant benefits for a healthy life. 

And what better way to practice Kayak in Palamós, an incredible landscape of crystalline waters that contrast with the golden tones of the sand and rocks of its beaches and coves. An environment that honors the words "Costa Brava"but at the same time, it softens, showing itself as a unique landscape, quiet and with abundant nature.

Unlike canoes, the Kayak is a fully enclosed boat in which the hiker goes much closer to the water, providing, in this way, an extra sense of stability and comfort, making it a very suitable activity for All publics and levels. It is also recommended for any time of the year, as it was invented in the Arctic Circle by the "Inuit", which used it for thousands of years before it arrived in Europe.

An exercise that gives physical and spiritual results

Besides having the opportunity to make an unforgettable ride, this adventure sport is an antidote to stress, which allows to train the whole body, work on balance and improve physical and aerobic capacity. The benefits of the Kayak, among them, the most outstanding are:

  • Strengthens the muscles. Mainly, the muscles that work most in this rowing sport are the arms, being the biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders, those who work more directly by giving impulse to the shovel or paddle when we try to move by the water. In the same way, the pectorals and dorsals contract when rowing, an exercise that helps to keep the muscles in tension and therefore, tone them up. To this we add the abdominal contraction, an important point of the body, because it serves as support to the rest of the muscles that are involved in rowing.
  • Reduces stress levels Experts say that rowing has many physical and mental benefits. Gar in Kayak allows ESailing in a kayak allows you to be in contact with water in a clean and silent way, while using all five senses. Although the repetitive movement of the paddle is done by inertia, Do it by inertia, demand some concentration and balance so as not to lose the pace or direction as it flows over the surface. That attention is an ideal therapy to empty the mind while we enjoy the incredible paradises offered by Palamós.
  • It helps to burn calories. Although you can paddle harmoniously and not in an accelerated way, L Rowing with energy is equivalent to performing an intense exercise, therefore, depending on how strong you recall, in 60 minutes of ride in Kayak, you can burn about 350 calories.
  • Improves physical condition. The benefits of this rowing sport are recommended for those who, in addition to having fun, want to appreciate nature while exercising their bodies and releasing tensions. The constant rowing movement is beneficial for the heart rate, becoming an ideal exercise for its health, it also increase endorphins and to to assimilate vitamin D, by exposing ourselves intelligently to the sun.

What do we offer you?

  • Multilevel courses. We put at your disposal basic, intermediate and advanced courses where you will be able to feel close to the sea of the Costa Brava, refresh and make routes to the quietest corners of Palamós. You can relax, connect with nature and live an unforgettable and shared experience with your loved ones.
  • Experienced instructors. In this way, certified instructors and lovers of this coast will teach you and help you in everything you need in order to practice this discipline, regardless of your level of experience.
  • Personalized activities. We offer a personalized service for small groups of people, because in this way we can meet the needs of each one and guarantee the fun. In the same way, you can also choose between enjoying a night full of stars or the spectacular colors offered by the sky in the sunrise, from the Kayak50.
  • Unique experience. We assure you that this sport is easier than you think, so if you are ready to feel the gentle blows of the waves and hear the splash of rowing, which gives you this quiet, ecological, adventurous and autonomous discipline, we also have trips and unique experiences in the sea. Remember that being in contact with nature so directly, evokes a great relaxation that is not easy to get in other sports.

What is included?

  • Kayak90, Shovel and waistcoat
  • Accident insurance
  • Waterproof bag
  • Kayak Clothes Cold days
  • Snorkel equipment in summer
  • Photo of Remembrance in the Kayak

What should you bring?

You just need to bring your swimsuit, your lycra shirt, your cap, shoes you can wet, water or your favorite drink and your desire to have fun. We also recommend taking Dramamine if you are often dizzy easily.

We invite you to discover the Costa Brava in a different way, observing it from the sea, feeling it, taking care of it and respecting it. Get to know coves and beaches only accessible from the water and in different locations of this beautiful coast, such as the Foradada, in Castell, Torre Valentina, in Sant Antonio de Calonge, Formigues Islands, the cave of Gispert or Cala S´Alguer, in La Fosca, Palamós, where our Royal S'Alguer and Laura Mar apartments are.

To whom is this activity for?

To all those adventurers, couples, groups of friends, family or co-workers who want to delve into nature by disconnecting from the mundane noise and bustle. We propose a different stay enjoying a personalized trip, with local guides and using top quality materials in whatever your favorite destination of the Costa Brava.

How to Book?

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